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The ACHG supports the further strengthening of the governance and quality of public sector health services delivered to Australians through research, board development and consulting services.

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  • ACHG to develop fraud, corruption and integrity risks tool

    The Australian Centre for Healthcare Governance will lead a Department of Health and Human Services sponsored project to develop an evidence-based integrity capability assessment tool for health services and enable them to better mitigate fraud, corruption and integrity risks.

    07 June 2018
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  • VHA & ACHG to deliver CEO Leadership Series

    The Victorian Healthcare Association and the Australian Centre for Healthcare Governance have partnered with the Department of Health and Human Services to deliver a leadership series to chief executives of public hospitals, VHA CEO Tom Symondson announced today.

    23 May 2018
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  • Governance training for community health

    The Australian Centre for Healthcare Governance is conducting one day sessions to provide board members of registered community health services with an introduction to corporate and clinical governance, and how these principles apply in a community health setting.

    27 March 2018
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  • The Kilmore & District Hospital claims governance prize

    The Australian Centre for Healthcare Governance Executive Director Jo-Anne Moorfoot facilitated a Leadership in Clinical Governance Workshop for The Kilmore and District Hospital last week.

    08 February 2018
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  • Herald the death of the dashboard … brave new ideas in quality & safety

    The health sector has an over-reliance on learning from error. We need to shift the focus from learning from when things go wrong to the insights when things go right, according to Derek Feeley, president and CEO of the Institute for Healthcare Improvement.

    22 November 2017
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  • Ballarat Community Health: clinical governance a priority

    Ballarat Community Health Board and executive identified clinical governance as a priority for their professional development program.

    02 November 2017
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  • Innovation in Clinical Governance Award

    The Kilmore and District Hospital was awarded the Australian Centre for Healthcare Governance Innovation in Clinical Governance Award at the 2017 VHA Annual Awards earier this month.

    17 October 2017
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  • Congratulations Greg Little

    Congratulations to Greg Little, CEO of Grampians Community Health Service, for winning the Australian Centre for Healthcare Governance Go Natural hamper at the VHA Annual Conference this month.

    16 October 2017
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  • Ingelwood & District Health Service consultation

    In an off-site first for the Inglewood and District Health Service Board and executive, the health service has just undertaken a two-day corporate and clinical governance information session.

    12 October 2017
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  • Sector expert engagement drives strong clinical governance

    Governance Evaluator has engaged with sector partners and specialsits, bringing the latest industry 'hands on' perspective to form the Clinical Governance Think Tank.

    23 February 2017
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  • VHA & ACHG Governance Conference

    Location: Etihad Stadium, Accolade Room, 740 Bourke Street, Docklands VIC 3008

    19 May 2016
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  • Working through the details
    ACHG Board Roundtable: Governance for new Directors

    A must attend Roundtable for all new healthcare directors.

    This ACHG Board Roundtable will equip new directors to explore their responsibilities in governing a health service. The session will focus on key director duties such as leadership, strategy, risk and clinical governance, and key board processes.

    Hosted Wednesday 9 December, 5.00 - 7.30pm. This two and a half hour session for new board directors will be facilitated by Alison Brown. (NB Not Tuesday 10 November as previously advertised.)

    10 November 2015
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  • Clinical Governance: The board’s key responsibilities

    This roundtable will explore the key responsibilities and range of approaches in relation to governing the quality of services in health care organisation. 

    21 October
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  • The CEO and Chair/Board relationships - A webinar hosted by Conscious Governance

    The relationship between a CEO and Chair is critical. This masterclass-style webinar will include valuable insights on the systems and processes you can implement, successful ways to measure and develop CEO performance, and various remuneration options. 

    1 October2015
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  • Roundtable: The consumer's role in strategy

    This roundtable will examine various mechanisms to ensure consumers can effectively influence and inform the development and review of strategic objectives.

    9 September 2015
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