Governance Evaluator is an online platform that builds strong governance in healthcare and drives quality services

Governance Evaluator proudly partners with ACHG and VHA to provide governance support to the health sector.

Strong governance is essential for organisations across all sectors. Strong governance for health services ensures consistent, safe and quality service outcomes for communities. It also drives the most effective and efficient use of customer funds.

Strong governance enables health service boards to meet their governance requirements. And most importantly, it supports them to continually improve to be the best they can.

Governance Evaluator has been specifically designed to support chairs and directors to build strong governance capability through a proven process of:

  • Orientation of new directors
  • Evaluation of individual and collective governance capability
  • Identification of governance capability gaps
  • Development of individual and collective action plans to address those gaps
  • Resources and support to build capability


Our platform provides an engaging process that is easy to use and easy to manage, with dashboards that clearly show the status of activity across the nine key areas of good governance:

  • Strategic direction
  • Risk and compliance
  • Finance
  • Clinical governance
  • Governance relations
  • Board composition
  • Board processes
  • Key stakeholder engagement
  • Continuous review and development


In partnership with VHA and ACHG our new Clinical Governance Module has been credibly written by Dr Grant Phelps. It has been trialled and tested over the last six months by a Think Tank group of clinical and industry experts.

Governance Evaluator delivers governance capability insights that are clear, visual and actionable.

Our platform gives you:


Find out more about how Governance Evaluator gives you complete control of your evaluation process, and meet our expert health sector conveners who can assist.


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