Health Board Essentials – Corporate governance

This session introduces you to best practice principles for good governance and draws on literature from the Department of Health and Human Services, Australian Institute of Company Directors, and the Victorian Public Sector Commission. Specific topics covered include board roles and responsibilities, decision-making behaviours, and the delineation between strategy and operations.

Health Board Essentials – Risk concepts & context

In this session you will learn about risk definitions and language, and their relationship with strategy, quality and safety. Practical examples of risk tools will also be explored to facilitate understanding, action, and informed decision making.

Health Board Essentials – Finance fundamentals

This session is designed to introduce you to foundations of financial governance including the role of directors in budget setting, monitoring, and analysing financial performance. You will also explore funding models, different types of financial statements, and key financial terms.

Health Board Essentials – Clinical governance

This session covers the key domains of the clinical governance framework and their application to health settings. An overview of effective clinical governance systems and their practical application is also included, in addition to data systems, incident reporting and review, effective clinical risk management, and clinician engagement.

Health Board Essentials – Partnering with consumers

This session introduces you to reporting requirements related to partnering with consumers. It explores what is meant by participation, collaboration, and patient-centred approaches in healthcare, and includes examples of current practice.